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Southern Not Stupid
Here’s Your Song!

I wanted to produce a song video to help promote Southern Not Stupid and what it really means. One problem though….I have NO musical background. For some reason that never came close to stopping me and I actually wrote the lyrics in less than two hours. Having no idea what to do next I gave Darry Rhoades a call. He’s a friend that is also a great comic and musician and when he said yes, it all came together!

I hope you like it and please share it with your Southern friends!

* I have to give credit to those who helped put this together. Without any one of these people’s help, this would have never happened.

Lori Evans who helped with writing and editing. Everyone at Down In Deep recording studios in Atlanta. Especially Marty Kearns (engineer, producer, keyboards), Tommy Strain (guitars), and of course Darryl Rhoades (music, drums, vocals). And last but not least, Chris Larson and Dylan Riggs for the video. Thanks y’all!

Mark Evans
Southern Not Stupid.
An Atlanta native, Mark has spent his entire life in the South. However, he is NOT what you might expect to see when you hear the words “Southern Comic”. Not only is his comedy hilarious, it’s smart, to the point, and cutting-edge clean. In fact, his “Southern, Not Stupid!” tour has been taking audiences by storm from coast to coast, on land and at sea. Mark will allow you to see the lighter side of the dumb things that happen all around you every day. Two things you might take from his show are that you don’t have to be dirty to be funny, and that having a Southern accent does not mean you are stupid. You can’t pinpoint stupidity to any one region or group; it’s universal. His examples of widespread stupidity have left his audiences doubled over with laughter, and hopefully a little wiser, too. After all, Mark’s goal is to educate as well as entertain! Mark has always been able to make people laugh, but when he first took the stage in 1993, he knew he found his calling, and he has never looked back. Since then he has worked comedy clubs, colleges, casinos, corporate events, country clubs, international resorts, and cruise ships.

His performances aboard Carnival Cruise Lines have made him an even more diverse comedian. That is, he can be just as funny working for family or adult audiences. Mark can adjust his show to cater to any and all of your needs. But even in his adult shows, he still works clean keeping his act to a PG-17 level. Above all, he is proudest of the reputation he has earned over the years as not only being very funny, but of being a complete professional, both on and off the stage.

When you hire Mark Evans, you get what you pay for…and much more!